Welcome to Golden Almach Creation School!

Welcome to Golden Almach Creation School!


What is Golden Almach Creation School?

This is a space where creation is allowed, invited and encouraged to occur in all parts of our lives. In many ways we attract lessons to us but tend to see them as inconveniences or even as obstacles rather than opportunities. Some times we may even develop judgements or biases towards our experiences of individuals who come into our lives as being “negative” or lesser than us. Instead here at GACS we endeavor to investigate the way in which our lives and lessons can assist us to expand our consciousness and become fully luminescent beings.

By disconnecting from the construction of hierarchy or the sense of separation from others whether it’s another person or living thing we allow ourselves to see the quality of Oneness which exists naturally in life. The more that we can experience true humility of the spirit, acknowledging our mortality and embracing our greater soul missions the more that we become wholesome multi-dimensional souls.

Once we connect to our greater purpose of living, growing and thriving we begin to connect with the true essence of unconditional love within us. Here at GACS we provide opportunities for our community to experience profound healing through: bi-monthly group healing sessions, our own radio show, links to educational resources, one-on-one light school trainings, private sessions, and also through collaborative artistic expression. Creativity and imagination is the greatest tool which we use to re-awaken to the tomes of wisdom which are embedded or hidden within us.

This is a type of school based on not a “teacher/healer” focused experience (inspired by NLC) but rather as an interactive exchange between one another as human beings. We are all teachers for one another after all! Each one of us has something to contribute whether it be insight, spiritual gifts, effort, or love to the equation of life. Inside of each one of us is the deepest capacity to learn, grow, thrive, expand and unconditionally love.

Here at GACS we will provide opportunities, environments, and a space of love in which we can all utilize as a community to explore within. We encourage spiritual maturity on all levels of the learning and living process. May the journey of our unlimited creations begin!

light being emanating celestial frequencies crystalline consciousness

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