Manifestation Prayer for Peace for Iraq and the Middle East/Mother Earth


Here is my prayer and vision for all the individuals who are living in Iraq and also throughout the world.
This change is meant to create openness in the hearts of all humanity for us to embrace all war torn countries, all traumatized individuals with sincere Hearts Love, Gratitude, and Joy for them being here on this Planet with us in this exact moment..
This is about the Love that pervades all pain and sorrow, all separation, and loss of any kind. Including loss of Identity.. Here is the vision I see for humanity right now may your thoughts and creations assist in this tapestry of dreams.

iraq carving art

Imagine being an Iraqi mother, waking up early in the morning and begins doing a deep highly attuned prayer wishing for good health, love and prosperity for her family. She also goes deeper into her intention and extends all good intentions to her close karma sphere. As she goes deeper into her prayer/meditation she extends her intentions for the greater good to be restored to her community of Iraqi citizens and the entire Mother Earth/Sophia.
As she ends her magical prayers, her children come running in as tears are streaking down her face. She is overwhelmed with the emotion that overtakes her when she looks into the eyes of her children.
She considers herself fortunate that her children and loved ones are safe, have all of their limbs, and are not being bombed or shot at. Each breath and smell, every sensory perceptive experience of just living is a blessing to her and to everyone in her community. The epicenter of the waves of her intense love and respect for the sacredness of life reach out far, spanning across nations and completely dissolve all barriers, obstacles, and lines of political/economic/cultural/religious separateness. All prayers begin to pour into the creation of the next intuitive step where the mother begins to feel a warm, supportive vibration throughout her entire being. She feels a wave of enthusiasm and hope rush through her, feeling as though all the support she could have ever needed is suddenly there, present, alive and One with her. Although she has been struggling for so long and has been watching her people and fellow loving souls suffer greatly and horrifically all of that harshness, tension, fear, and pain washes out of her and everyone surrounding her in a seconds time. Her breathing normalizes, her vision becomes more clear, and her bones and body feels refreshed and enlivened.

She feels closely connected to a new exciting future, one of support and unconditional love even though she feels it is just a daydream or some faraway fantasy. Although deep within her despite her analytical mind telling her how little food is in her cupboards and how worried she is about the livelihood of everyone in her life from moment to moment, she feels an even stronger feeling of trust in this sensation welling up within her. Deep from within her heart, she reaches into this space of unknown possibility inside of herself and holds onto this unknown paradigm and integrates it into her entire being and extends it generously throughout the entire planet. More tears of joy come flowing out of her eyes as her children remain close to her in the nearby room, intuitively giving her some space as she experiences the potency of the spiritual moment she is processing in the moment. Every now and then her young children come rushing into her room to touch her hand, supporting her in between their playtime with some toys made out of bottle caps and rocks which are laid on the floor inside of their small room.

Suddenly her children come rushing to their front door of their run down apartment, the hinges of the door barely hanging on due to all of the wear and tear which their building experienced from the aftershock of bombings in their surrounding neighborhoods. The father comes in through the door panting exhaustively, yet having a wide eyed expression on his face as he tries to catch his breath to be able to speak to his children. Eventually he gathers his breath and tells his children to go see their mother as he follows behind them, disoriented and in shock.

Many times the father has come home like this before, on some mornings when he would be retrieving the newspaper or running an errand before spending time with his family he would have come back home in a poor condition. He was typically coming home is a state of constant shock, stress, and in fear for his life since he has had to run from men shooting at him, or he had seen a friend die, many unfortunate circumstances had happened to him especially since he was diligently taking time to hide and protect his family from the harms of the outside war world which he was living nearly everyday. Now as he locks eyes with his wife, he conveys another emotion to her, something completely different from the past cycle of trauma and fear. Instead, he is in alignment with the consciousness and overly joyous state which his wife is already in. The wife is open to receive the good news from her husband although they are both in shock that their lives have made a turn for the good. The father hands his wife the newspaper which has on the front page the answer to their prayers. Their currency has revalued and their entire country is blossoming into a state where unconditional love, abundance, peace, and true prosperity for all souls can thrive.

Overjoyed the families rejoice as they celebrate, dance, and cook tasty food. Later on in the afternoon, the entire family ventures out into the streets and joins in celebration with the rest of their community as they all hold hands, hug, cry, dance, and sing together as one in the streets while enjoying the radiant glow of the sun.

May this visualization prayer help you offer more of your benevolent wishes, love, and acceptance to all of humanity throughout this green lush luminous Earth…

With Love,




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