Andromeda Constellation Swirl Energy Love

What is Golden Almach Creation School mean?

First let’s break down the meaning of each word since each invokes a unique feeling and creates separate yet integrated meanings. GOLDEN encompasses all of the lightworkers (starseeds/indigos/crystallines/goldens, etc), upgrades “millenials”, and courageous souls who have come here to shift the consciousness of Planet Earth in order to create a space of unconditional love and harmony between all aspects of creation (even those which are labeled as “dark” or “dense”). By creating harmony we acknowledge our shadow selves in all timelines, past, present and future and intend to release them with our most sincere heart’s blessing and emanation of gratitude.


ALMACH is significant to my own personal life since I have accumulated this wisdom through my soul mission and origin from Gamma Andromedae, the  bright star Almach in the Andromeda constellation. Through my exploration of the profound energetic and psychic experiences I have been encountering all my life I was determined to discover the origin of my essence and also the origin of my closest spirit guides who have been assisting me intimately in this life. I was encouraged by a spiritual group that I was a part of in Colorado state, USA to discover which star I was from since I was aware of my deep connection to this particular star but had not yet explored its many aspects and manifestations.

Slowly I began to discover how my celestial connections are connected to the material realm (third dimension) in this world.  To this day I am a seeker, a student and lover of all spiritual truths in this world and beyond. By connecting to our particular star and celestial relations, guides, and aspects we allow ourselves to connect to the deeper intuitive aspects of our own subconsciousness and intuition. It is my hope that each person connects to the inner starlight which is glowing within their beautiful souls. May this school be a instrument of self-discovery and self-realization


CREATION means everything which is inside of you! You, yes you have the power to create, imagine and change entire worlds with the power of your will, and with the energy of Unconditional Love. Here at GACS we encourage individuals to think for themselves and to trust their inner worlds so that they can begin to get in touch with the energies, connections, manifestations, and abilities which are hidden inside.  For now we still live within the “Old Dinosaur Old Paradigm” construct which encourages blind faith in the status quo of this world and a complete disregard for our own innate sensibilities, intuition, and deepest desires. For those of us who have a burning in our hearts to create, be creative, explore, grow, and blow off our jobs to go hiking or spend some time in real fresh air; creation is the only way.

high dimensional dragon and woman

Creation, collaboration, communities and respect for all things are the undeniable forces of our internal worlds, aims, and desires. We come together under this umbrella of cosmic, planetary and Universal energies to see the reflection of ourselves in all others. We come together to experience unity of souls in hearts, bodies, and minds without disregarding the fantastic qualities of individualistic creative energies and ambitions. To become one is to not lose yourself but instead gain entire long forgotten lineages and soul/planetary/cosmic friends. We embark on our journeys with joy and excitement for the possibilities of creating new paths as we all move throughout the unknown which is the present moment.

LightBeings gathering unity

SCHOOL means a space where there is not one single teacher, or one singular guide. It is a space of cooperation and community where all souls contribute to the flourishing of consciousness, health, awareness, and wisdom in each moment. GACS seeks to combine all of our efforts, our joys, our projects and our wisdom together as a like-minded community with the intention of establishing a space of learning and growth for all people who are ready to receive information and guidance on their paths to self-mastery and self-exploration. We lovingly accept the wisdom of all individuals and keep open to what they have to offer as long as it respects naturally defined healthy boundaries. All learning opportunities, activities, lessons, collaborations and projects must be serving in the most benevolent way for all people involved. Here at GACS we seek to offer the New Paradigm of learning collaboration especially for those who already have this feeling of expansion and love for the state of unconditional love and deeply sincere morality within them. We seek to inspire others to continue their learning while not depending on one single activity, teacher, or lesson but rather encourage a cross pollination and thirst for experiencing many different facets of reality instead.

Expansion of the consciousness does not begin and end at one particular path, spiritual practice or with only one individual, it is instead an experience of growth and emanation that spans throughout the multiverses. As souls we hunger to learn, to experience, to have joy and love within us and also to thrive. May all of our needs, and deepest desires be assisted by the collaboration and love of like-minded and curious souls who participate in this experience of life with us.

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